IBM MDM Server (Advanced Edition) Training:  Curriculum:


ZZ820G: InfoSphere MDM Architecture V11

ZZ840G: InfoSphere MDM Workbench V11

ZZ610G: Data Model and Service Mapping for InfoSphere MDM Advanced Edition V10

ZZ980G: Physical Module Algorithms for InfoSphere MDM V11


This is the  recommended curriculum set for IBM MDM Server AE Training 2015

when starting with the implementation of MDM.

  • Start or follow up with MDM Server Data Model and Service Mapping:  IBM Course ID: ZZ610
  • Start or follow up with MDM Architecture: IBM Course ID:  ZZ820
  • Follow up technically  with MDM Workbench: IBM Course ID:  ZZ840
  • Follow up technically  with MDM Physical Module Algorithms: IBM Course ID:  ZZ980

 *ZZXXX is an IBM Course code set that relates to general IBM MDM Server Trainings 

( Standard Edition = Former Initiate Product or Health Industry centric MDM Server Solution,

Advanced Edition = OUR MDM Multi-Domain Server Training Set, 

Collaboration Edition = Product centric MDM).