PSCITCons MDM Trainings

Working Edition:  Sept 22, 2015:


PSC IT Consulting recommends valuable  IBM MDM Trainings Units for Best Class Trainings as described in  IBM DataStage Training and IBM MDM Training


You will find valuable toolkits and information in the Internet.

So let us start with some PSCITCons generic interactive kickstarts soon.

This will give you some good PSCITCons infos for a perfect start into my classes.


  • Short Tour through IBM MDM and Infosphere Product-Description
  • Short Tour through KnowledgeCenter
  • Short Tour through Developerworks - IBMs technical Platform
  • Usage of youtube Education provided by IBM



If you get into some specific Classwork Related Content as it could be documented here for a payable Webinar -  YOU WILL BE CHALLENGED WITH A Password.

Get in contact with  if you are entitled to get into the classwork